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Posted by nggangsterpimp - June 25th, 2009

COME ON WADE! FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! everybody PM wade or he isn't going to do anything. he needs to be taken down.

This movie was stolen from DJTrickyms part from Madness Neurosis Collab 3.

NOTE: This is the THIRD time he has been stealing shit. he still hasn't learned his lesson. 3 fucking strikes and your out kid. you will probably be banned this time.

And on top of that he also stole Splurgles mc5re preview once. he needs to be banned.

We have confirmation that madnesscombat0099 is NOT ojo66. so count that thought out. but he still needs to get banned for good.


as long as your here we should stat a petition to get this motherfucker banned. ask to join and ill put ur name up here.

Who wants madnesscombat0099 banned?

1: NGgangsterpimp
2: Dast
3: RazorShader
4: Crazymonkey154
5: lolmetaknight
6: SupahHank
7: toxicdevil93
8: marine111
9: hiii111
10: likitty
11: FMlilgarfield
12: madmaker11
13: Rabid-Monkey101
14: Sarnecki
15: 1337-Dawg
16: DriftLV1
17: Chdonga

HOLY FUCK he finaily got deleted! thanks to everyone who signed up and helped. another thief gets what he deserved. ive taken out so many thieves here on newgrunds now. its great.

ALERT: I think madnesscombat0099 possibly created another account. this might be it. MadnessRegation im gonna keep a close eye on this account... reasons for my suspicion: he talks about madnesscombat0099 when he didn't even read my post about him, this account was made the same day that madnesscombat0099 was deleted, if it was made after he was deleted he wouldn't even know about madnesscombat0099 unless he IS madnesscombat0099, and his grammar is exactly like madnesscombat0099's was. im watching this motherfucker really closely...... he also made the exact same short omfg movie that maqdnesscombat0099 created.

Yeah i think hes done stealing but im still keeping watch just for incase. ill make a new post soon.

Ok im never unblocking everybody ever again. ive seen what comes of doing that, enemies that are even from fucking 1 year ago come talking shit about you for no reason. for example, ace9eca. what kind of goddamn user name is that anyway? i had insulted him 1 year ago for reviewing my random insult movies. 1 YEAR AGO. ( that was back when i insulted people for giving me reviews with criticism.) and hes still angry about it. that's pretty pathetic. he really needs to get over it. i insulted him ONCE, and he pm blocked me. get over it ace9eca. your fucking pathetic. Its the exact same thing with GeneticMalfunction to.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - June 24th, 2009

i got all of my flash files back. finally. since i lost my fucking ipod cord i had to use my psp as a 1 gig flash drive. buy gladly, it worked. for awhile i though id never get the chance to get them back. now, rather than finishing my collab parts. lots of which i haven't even started yet except for dunsos madness collab. im gonna work on madness cheetolicious for Madness Day 2009. i joined way to many colllabs and bit off more than i can chew. sorry guys. i need to cut out a picture of hot cheetos for it. god i love flaming hot cheetos. my mom gets me 2 bags of them and i have them gone in maybe 3 or 4 days.


Posted by nggangsterpimp - June 6th, 2009

enough of my overreacting. im slowly regaining computer time. in maybe 1 month or 2 ill be back on almost daily just like i used to be. the reason for this is, my mom is fucking awesome. she is starting to let me get on the computer again. but on the other hand, my grandpa and grandma REALLY won't let me get back on their computer for possibly 2 years or more. im only allowed on my moms computer now. heres why that's bad. theres 2 things. first off, all of my flash files and such or on my grandpas and grandmas computer. second, my moms computers is alot slower than my grandpas and grandmas. im planning to use my ipod as a 4 gig flash drive and sneak on their computer and get my flash files and such back. i hope it works. but im gonna make this computer alot faster now. at least ill try my best. ill probably get back to work on my madness soundpack now. i really want it finished up BADLY. not just for me, but for all madness animators of newgrounds. i still have summer school to deal with now, but i can go up north for vacation anyway. were gonna go fishing n all that good stuff. anyway yeah. ill be on more again. for all the people who have me on msn, ill only be using msn from the xat.com chatrooms because i don't wanna install it on this computer. so whenever im on ill be chatting on msn from xat. ill attempt to shit out something for madness day 2009 now, but not untill my soundpack is finished. also ojo66 pmed me taking back that post he made about me, so im off his back again.

PS: i need to hold off my affiliation with madness collaborators to speed up this computer and get my files back. please understand, so don't get your hopes up for me finishing animations for your collabs.

im 16 now. fucking awesome.


Im going up north for a week to fish. its a vacation we do every year after i get out of school. cya in a week.


im back. the best part of the vacation were these 2 fucking hot girls named hannah, and erin. they were both so hot. we caught a shitload of fish one day to. most of them were croppies, or however you spell it. it was just amazing.

Lately ive gotten hooked on the metroid game series. more specifically, metroid fusion, and metroid zero mission. they are both so FUCKING epic.

slowly coming back.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - May 6th, 2009

HAY READ THIS: i have now enabled Pms. PM me if you want to or need to and i will respond when i get on.

Originally posted by soulreapermarco to inform you people of my absence from newgrounds for a very long time. thanks to him. i know him in real life. i found time to sneak onto here and post this in my own words.

im now grounded off the computer for a long time because i have to go to summer school again for failing math and English. i failed ALOT more than just math and English, but not because im stupid, because im a lazy fuck. I have no regrets for fucking up my grades, and i failed probably 3 or 4 classes. even if i could go back and get a retry, i would still do the same thing. i can't focus on any fucking work or homework. i will never become a use to this world, or its purpose of growing. especially in this fucked up economy im done for after i have to get my own house and all of that bullshit. i think i will be off the computer for almost 2 years, my mom says it won't be 2 years, but as i see no signs of my grades ever improving, i think it might even be more than 2 years. im sick of this world and its bullshit. at least im still able to play my playstastion 2, gameboy advance SP, ect.

For those of you who know my spam alt account, hes done for now to, but check him out for a final laugh before i go. ojo69 was my new alt account to fuck with ojo66 again because he made this post about me insulting me. ojo67 is his new alt account, i have appreciation for people who spam the living shit out of it and make his time on newgrounds a living hell. and for the people who think im an ass for doing this, and saying this, please read about why i hate ojo67 here. i will barely get to sneak on here anymore. probably only once a week.

Im going to miss madness day 2009, and all of the special events that happen here on newgrounds. ill cya guys in.. well.. a long time... bye...

PS: Huge apologies to all of the hosters of the madness collaborations i joined. i failed you

oh ok, now ojo67 is stealing the madness combat 9 preview because his normal flashes suck to fucking much to pass judgment. this is pathetic. anyone who reads this, report it to wade. wade won't do anything about it unless more than just 1 person reports it. please help me out with this. he also stole alpha nuvas hunt of the shoop movie and preview on his old alt account madnesscombat0099. they got deleted off his account now. just like happylemon stole popular movies, this will not stop untill people tell wade about ojo67 and all of his alts get deleted. Stolen 1 Stolen 2 These are his alt accounts i have listed, and this is another alt of his. madnesscombat0099. there was also one more alt account but i lost the link to it, and i forgot its name.

Edit: they both got deleted. thanks for the help people.. but his fucking alts are still there.. jesus fucking christ...

PS: This is also a stolen madness combat 9 preview. it needs to be reported to wade.

deleted again. thank you everyone. i get on 1 to 2 times a week. it isn't enif for me, but its all i can get right now since my mom doesn't even know about it. ffff

OJO66 HAS CREATED ANOTHER ALT ACCOUNT, it is hank66. im monitering this one to make sure he doesn't fucking steal shit. hes an idiot.

new ojo66 alt


Razor Shader made this amazing picture of my middle finger guy in jail, it symbols how im grounded. its fucking amazing. you can see the full size pic here or just see the smaller one right here on my userpage. its beautiful.


mm. newgrounds changed the portal movies page design yet again. i guess it looks pretty cool.


done for....

Posted by nggangsterpimp - April 30th, 2009

ahaha. today is a great day for my spam alt account to take action. for those of you who know my spam alt, expect 1 or 2 movies today that are pico related.

Im creating a high quality madness combat soundpack. the sounds will be HIGH QUALITY unlike most soundpacks i have used so far. and you might think im joking, but im seriously going to have this soundpack created with the sounds sounding alot better than sounds in all other soundpacks. and if sounds are shitty, i make them sound better using audacity. i can't wait to finish it for myself, and anybody else who wants to use it.

Once i finish i will have a .zip download and a .fla downlaod for it.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - April 12th, 2009

Happy Easter to all you fuckers out there. everything is going great right now. im on easter break, i fucking got happylemons alt accounts deleted, and im animating at a blazing speed. at this rate ill finish all of my collab parts, and probably join more. The only setback was me puking on Friday at 3:20 in the morning but now i feel great and better already. my whole family will be over to celebrate and my moms making buttered bread rolls. ahh im gonna have a feast over here.

What in the fuck is going on? everybody is getting sick. even my uncles are getting sick now. 7 is unlucky is really sick, but thats lmao. i was only sick for 1 day. this is happening worldwide. aaaaaaa

The Easter Bunny Hates You

/* */

/* */
Midget Baby?

NewGroundsdummie made this. I lmao'd and said it looked like a fat midget. then toxicdevil said it looked like a baby with a bib. dummie said it was armor. so toxic said it was a fucking baby with a bullet proof bib. all 3 of us fucking lmao'd. so then i made this, and this. we all fucking lmao'd after both of those. And then, toxicdevil fucking made THIS. LMAO! Toxic created Tourettes guy VS. Baby. LOL

All my madness tests.

Newer shit: these couple little things have my latest animating style of madness. and i really want as many tips on these as i can get. please give me the tips.

Cliff Area I submitted this to NG but it is still just a madness test. Fucking tips please.
Collab Piece For Atmociclouds MD09 Collab this is for atmoicclouds madness day 2009 collab. i got alot of improvement tips on this already, but i still need alot more.
Piece For Dunso's Collab: unfinished UPDATED: Finally added bullet shells. This is a part for dunso's madness colab. it is my latest madness animation and my best so far. at least in my opinion. I know most of them don't even have hands so far. i might add them later. give me the most tips on this one. Please.
Walk Cycle Test Unfinished I forgot to originally include this. A test featuring LittleLuckyLink's Madness Pimp that he created for me during my Pimp Contest. I never finished this, and i never will.

Vent Man: In the making for atomicclouds md09 collab.

Not so old: Give me tips on these if you WANT to. but i got improving ideas already.
M16 test.
M16's: unfinished
Shit: unfinished
Madness Perspective Intro yes this sucks ass.
Madness Perspective i already had a shitload of tips from nuttro. but give more if you want.
Killing Collab Part
I kill ojo66. The pimp was originally made by spaderz, but it sucks ass. now i hate spaderz. if you want to know why i hate ojo66 read here. this test only took me two hours to make.
Old shit: Don't give me tips on these. i already improved from these things. these all suck ass.
My Madness 1 my first madness test i EVER did.
My Madness 2 my second madness test.
My Madness 3 My third.
My Madness 4 My fourth.
My Madness 5 Submitted for Madness Day 2008 with the tittle, Madness Ownage.
Cliff Collab Part

Fuck you if you want a post update cause i don't have SHIT to update about. i haven't worked on madness in awhile, and i also like to plunge my very own ass. ok? k good. im busy doing other things right now.

holy fuck, a games with medals collection.

Games With Medals

since i don't have anything to update about, talk to me about anything. i don't give a shit if its on subject with this old outdated post, but talk.

hey man.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - March 24th, 2009

Madness Agitation 3 No Lag.

/* */
Ok i will be posting here, all of my madness tests, from newest, to oldest. i will have a section for old unfinished ones, and a section for the new ones which i want you guys to give me improvement tips on.

Newer shit: these couple little things have my latest animating style of madness. and i really want as many tips on these as i can get. please give me the tips.

Cliff Area I submitted this to NG but it is still just a madness test. Fucking tips please.
Collab Piece For Atmociclouds MD09 Collab this is for atmoicclouds madness day 2009 collab. i got alot of improvement tips on this already, but i still need alot more.
Piece For Dunso's Collab: unfinished This is a part for dunso's madness colab. it is my latest madness animation and my best so far. at least in my opinion. I know most of them don't even have hands so far. i might add them later. give me the most tips on this one. Please.
Walk Cycle Test Unfinished I forgot to originally include this. A test featuring LittleLuckyLink's Madness Pimp that he created for me during my Pimp Contest. I never finished this, and i never will.

Vent Man: In the making for atomicclouds md09 collab.

Not so old: Give me tips on these if you WANT to. but i got improving ideas already.
M16 test.
M16's: unfinished
Shit: unfinished
Madness Perspective Intro yes this sucks ass.
Madness Perspective i already had a shitload of tips from nuttro. but give more if you want.
Killing Collab Part
I kill ojo66. The pimp was originally made by spaderz, but it sucks ass. now i hate spaderz. and i don't want to explain why i hate ojo66. but know this, i have very good reasons. i normally don't hate people unless they give me a good reason to. by the way, this only took me two hours to make.
Old shit: Don't give me tips on these. i already improved from these things. these all suck ass.
My Madness 1 my first madness test i EVER did.
My Madness 2 my second madness test.
My Madness 3 My third.
My Madness 4 My fourth.
My Madness 5 Submitted for Madness Day 2008 with the tittle, Madness Ownage.
Cliff Collab Part

When you give me tips, if you think something fucking sucks. say it. don't even hold back, because i know that alot of you want to hold back. DON'T. rip my movies untill there is nothing left to rip. give me tips on everything untill there is nothing left to give tips on. FUCKING RIP EVERY SINGLE MOVIE FRAME BY FRAME AND POINT OUT EVERY SINGLE FLAW! i need this to happen, for me to get better. If you rip my movies, i will have more respect toward you. well i await the rips, the comments, and the tips. If you ask me questions about any of these tests i will gladly answer. i mean ANY question. even if its a dumb fucking question i will answer. that is all. I want everyone to rate the movies they watch with the spam the web 1-5 rating system. you don't need to rate batch 3 cause i know they suck balls.

I forgot to originally add this to this post but, to be truthfull, im not going to start battle of the pimps, madness cheetolicious, or any full length madness movie, untill im good enough to the point where people actually ASK me to make a full length movie. untill that happens, im still not good enough. and im gonna keep making tests untill i am good enough.

Watch out for conficker.

Last minute conficker report.

Games With Medals


Holy fucking shit. NewGrounds spent an assload of time on this communist design. great fucking job guys.

Madness Perspective no lag.

/* */
Santas Stress No Lag.

/* */
http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh1 08/azzkiker2008/cool%20gifs/TGuy.gif

UPDATE: Changed the listing from worst to best to best to worst.

Eminems new single if fucking garbage.......

We Made You

Agreed? This new song is just.. a horrible heap of shit.. infact its pure fucking garbage.. im so disappointed. he should have just quit after e released curtain call. all of you fake eminem fans can flame me for this all you want.. but true eminem fans like me know how garbage this is compared to his old shit. this new song has some horrible girly ass beat, and the lyrics are so ehhhhh. he doesn't rap as good as he used to.. it might be because hes off the drugs now. but its true. i liked him better back in the slim shady and marshall mathers LP days. i expected such a great comeback after all these years i waited for it.. and i fucking got this.... man... i don't even think im going to argue with people who say eminem sucks anymore.. because now.. he does...

so yeah... overall.. i hate this new song. not anywhere near good as he used to be. someone needs to rip him and piss him off like he used to be.

Im fucking sad now....


HappyLemon returns again

Well guys, we were able to get his last alt account busted, so lets do it again shall we? Almighty Assaian is his new alternate account. how do i know? i have multiple reasons. With this Almight Assasian account, Lemon kept posting on my userpage insulting happylelon. and i mean he did it to the point where its like, dude, thats a little to much. which really makes you think hes just insulting him, to hide that he IS him. I have Pictures of the posts here.

Post 1
Post 2

Now i don't know about you, but doesn't that look suspicious?

A couple days after those posts, he pms me asking me if i know who epic blarg man is. i lied and said no, expecting him to steal a animation from him, but i actually did know who he is. just to let you know, epic blargman is a madnessfan who posts madness art and aniamtion on devinart. Epic Blargman a couple minutes later he pmed me a madness test that he called revolver madness, which as i fucking suspected, he stole from epic blargman after he thought i didn't know who he was. he had posted it on spamtheweb.com with the name revolver madness. Origional revolver madness. After this even, i fucking knew that it was happylemon. i don't know why the fuck he always comes and tries to become friends with me again when he makes new alts. maybe he didn't learn that ill just bust him again the first time? heres pictures of the PM.

PM 1
PM 2

Yeah, thats fucking him allright. thmm? whats that? you want some more reasons? oh gladely.

Im sure its not just a coincidence that happylemons old alt account

ToxicNinja is affiliated with Almighty Assasian. This flash movie uses the icon of his old alt account, and gives his alt credit in the author comments. yeah, seems to much of a coincidence there.

He submits a good flash almost every 2 or 3 days. lmao what? nobody can make a GOOD flash movie in that small time frame. almighty assasian has submitted WAY TO MANY good flash movies since his first submission. not even Adam Phillips could do that.

Almighty Assaian CLAIMS to have made This Movie. he uses the lie of Wee Yee Chong is apparently my name in Chinese. are you FUCKING kidding me? this is the lamest fucking excuse i have ever heard of in my entire life. im really fucking surprised that admins haven't accused this faggot of his thievery yet.

He even CLAIMS that he made Main Objective, Which hit the FRONT PAGE, and that he made it only 3 fucking days after he made Mario Battle. now come on, goddamnit people, this is the worst fucking bullshitter i have ever seen. i mean god, COME ON! THERES ABOUT 10 REVIEWS OR MORE THAT SAY ITS STOLEN! AND 1 REVIEW GIVES A LINK TO THE REAL FLASH! THESE ADMINS REALLY NEED TO STEP THE FUCK UP NOW!

Theres no way he could have made This only 2 days after creating This. its all such a fucking lie.

if anybody have seen ANY of Almighty Assaians flash movies ANYWHERE ELSE BESIDES HERE ON NEWGROUNDS, tell me. i will post about it here. and please contact wade. wade won't do anything unless multiple people tell him that the movie is stolen.

His other alt accounts.

Right now i KNOW that Toxic Ninja and Hentai Portal are both his alt accounts. Both of these got deleted by wade. :3

Accounts that i suspect are his:
Eskimo5hmo Deleted by wade :3
HostileGrub Deleted by wade :3
B0bbyBullets Deleted by wade :3
iPodBitch12 Deleted by wade :3

Now i don't want to go into how i know hentai portal is another alt account of his, but obviously with this news post, you guys know that i always have my good valid reasons for knowing.

Thank you for reading and help me out with getting this fucking faggot ip banned from NewGrounds. Because if hes stealing from people on devinart, he might start stealing from you to.




Green Gamblers April Questions. I had to post them for him since his computers internet is pretty much fucked up right now.

Midgey Baby?

NewGroundsdummie made this. I lmao'd and said it looked like a fat midget. then toxicdevil said it looked like a baby with a bib. dummie said it was armor. so toxic said it was a fucking baby with a bullet proof bib. all 3 of us fucking lmao'd. so then i made this, and this. we all fucking lmao'd after both of those. And then, toxicdevil fucking made THIS. LMAO!

All of my madness tests so far.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - March 18th, 2009

holy fucking shit. i just reached level 20. this is kick ass.

ok so SUPPOSEDLY, ( as mentioned on this news post ) Hippiehater got his account back. Right? WRONG. he didn't get it back. that hacker is a lying ass shitfaced motherfucker. hippiehater told me himself that he didn't get his account back. Yea, it isn't really a hacker, hippiehater once gave his password for an alt account he had, named pyramid clock, to 7-isunlucky, and that password didn't really matter, UNTILL hippiehater changed his accounts password, to the same password that was on his alt, pyramid clocks account. Then 7 tried it on his main account, and it worked. and 7 now changed his password, and the email, and hippiehater can't get it back. is hippiehaters new account. its what he has to use now since his main account is stolen by 7 is unlucky. Anyway, i just wanted to deliver this message since hippiehaters a friend of mine, and id hate to see people believing that racist shit that whoever has the account is now saying, is really him.

After his huge computer breakdown, NewgroundsDummie is finally back here on NG. :D

UPDATE Thanks to wade fulp, hippiehater now has his account back. we all thank you wade. But now he wants to use This as his main account. :I

Madness 9, high quality no lag. uploaded by me. Dont forget to press the HQ button for higher quality.

/* */
I have all thing thing arena awards. this just kicks so much ass.

Hippiehater did NOT get his account back. UPDATE: He got it back.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - February 15th, 2009


Well here is the top ten list, with the pimps who will enter The Battle Of The Pimps.

1: LitteleLuckyLink | EPIC
2: Nuttro | Fucking sexy
3: dast | Fucking amazing
4: Hippiehater1573 | Not a pimp but its gangster.
5: toxicdevil93 | Good
6: SUPAHGOKUMAN | The only black one.
7: Malikmo | Pretty good.
8: madnessteen | mhmm
9: Sarnecki | mmkay.
10: Crazymonkey154 | uhhhuh

Well to all of the people who entered the contest, i thank you all so much, and congratulation to all of the winners. :D All ten of these pimps will be featured in my movie called battle of the pimps. :3

Final Results Pic.

New Madness Movie.

After madness perspective broke down and failed, i am starting a new madness movie. Its called madness cheetolicious.

The protagonist Will be Middle Finger Guy 4. With an assalod of tips from Nuttro, dast, soulreapermarco, and toxicdevil93, This will literally be my best madness movie made so far. And a whole new walk cycle to. Wish me luck man. :D

Madness Thingie

If u want to speak to me on msn, then ask me for mai msn. :3

HippieHater's real acount got hacked. this is his new alt.

Fucking somehow ojo66 got flash, and he made another alt account, which he is using to submit flash again, because both of his flashes got deleted on his ojo66 account, and he got portal banned. he will probably make 10 more alts before he just quits. what a fucking idiot. http://coralineftw.newgrounds.com/ <-------------- is the new alt. Ha ha . now hes portal banned on this alt to. he probably wont quit for a long time, and just make more alts. he does that type of bullshit all the time. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
Oh so now that hes portal banned on that account hes giving it away. Oh wow.

Very important new collab part i am working on. Unfinished Updated This is literally my best madness animation so far.


/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

Check this guy out.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I GOT OUT OF SCHOOL EARLY TODAY! OH MY FUCKING ASS GOD YES! The schools sewer system backed up. we got early assed release. i was so fucking happy. :3 as soon as the announcer said that we had early release everyone stopped listening to her and just fucking jumped up and down shouting how fucking amazing this is. i did to. :P Ahh this was a great friday. Not only did i get that fucking early release, but i also just leveled up with my Blam/Protect badge. :3

To anyone who is reading this post, block this fag while you still can. he talks like a fag, and by the way he talks you can tell that he is another one of those annoying little 8 year old idiots who doesn't know the internet. He also has been sending chain mails to everybody that he sees for no fucking reason. Just the fact that he listens to those chain mails shows how hes probably 8 years old. Just fucking block him now. Fuckin post block him, and fuckin PM block him.

A faggot, who went by the name of happylemon, lately got his account deleted for stealing flash movies from other authors. he was stealing flashes for almost 3 or 4 months before he finally got deleted. But now he has a new account, and he already submitted a stolen flash on it. His new account, ToxicNinja, Already submitted a stolen flash. That flash is called, RAF-Global Rescue. This game was originaly created by a person named kerb, as it says on that page i just linked you to. He needs to be perma banned before he keeps stealing peoples flashes. Now how do i know that that is happylemon? because i have his msn, and almost 10 minutes after i was laughing at him for his happylemon account being deleted, he changed his msn name from happylemon, to ToxicNinja. he tried some bullshit excuses like, OH NO, IM NOT TOXICNINJA! then he says, OH NO! THAT'S JUST MY FRIEND! I don't fall for it. i have more than 50 alts, and Toxicdevil knows best from finding out my alts, that those excuses are fake as shit. Im fucking sick of him stealing people flashes, he needs to get his fucking ass kicked. Good, it got deleted.

ToxicDevil93 is the most gangster ass 11 year old you will ever meet.


Madness 9, high quality no lag.

/* */

final pimp contest results.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - January 1st, 2009



Lol I started my own little crew. http://umd.newgrounds.com/ you really should join it since UMD's are awesome. =D

ttaisawesome is fucking pathetic. just because he is banned for 5 days from my UMD forum, he gets all angry and starts barking threats at me, when i am not even the person who banned him. now i permabanned the fag, and ip banned. he can suck my balls and roast in hell. do you see that post he made? its goddamn pathetic. as if just angrily saying to spam the UMD forum is going to do shit? does he really think that will get anyone to do anything for him? obviously he fucking does. je is an idiot. everybody including LittleLuckyLink was right for calling him a shitty ass fucking immature little fag, and i regret not listening to them. hes probabaly a 7 year old little fag. he has almost no REAL friends here on NG and the only one he has, he is threatening to fucking hate just because he is registered at our UMD Forum. i am going to hopefully make a random insults on this ignorant little piece of shit, a really long one. he pmed me with a threat to gang up with 7 is unlucky and spam me, and everyone related to my UMD crew. he doesn't fucking scare me, even tho he thinks he does. this fag is even worse than ojo66 because he just annoys the living shit out of me, with the way he thinks he can just tell people off. he can suck my dick until i brick. this little fag will never have any friends. he can say all he wants, but he will stay banned from my UMD Forum and from the UMD crew. i appreciate anyone who spam the shit out of that fag, or if spamming isnt your thing, at least tell him off. and if you aren't involved with him, or don't talk with him, dont ever talk to him, he will betray you quick.

freakboy987 is annoying me to shit. crazymonkey154 gave him the link to my chatroom and at first freakboy didnt act like a assball but after awhile he started to get annoying as FUCK! and now i have permanently banned him from my fucking chatroom. but yet he keeps on coming back and talking to me through PC (Private chat) and keeps saying shit like oh god im so sorry. please give me a second chance. hes doing exactly what fucking ojo66 did when i banned him. once before i started to hate the fag, freakboy told me that he is only 8 years old. and ojo66 is only 10. what this proves is that almost all little ass kids of the ages 8-10 are fucking annoying little shits and need to piss of, and not be little pussies about being banned. from my experiences so far the only people who have annoyed the utter shit out of me have been 8 yr olds and 10 yr old's. so now these 2 assfucks actually have to me the point where i just automatically judge 8-10 year old's as annoying little sacks of shit who don't piss the FUCK off. freakboy, is you are reading this, just piss of, cause im sick of your annoying little pussy whiny ass baby bop bullshit. if you fuck off right now i wont release a random insults freakboy into your ass. cause its getting to that fucking point already. it ojo66 a half a year of annoyingly asking for a second fucking chance to get me top release one, but i haven't even know you for a fucking month and im already thinking of doing one on you. stop fucking coming to my room like some pussy and asking for a second chance, and asking to be friends again because ITS NOT GONNA FUCKING HAPPEN! NOW GODDAMNIT GO AWAY OR I WILL RELEASE RANDOM INSULTS FREAKBOY! you ignorant little sack of shit..... SIDE NOTES: no he is not just a troll. he really keeps coming back because he wants to be friends again. and that's not gonna happen because he is to fucking annoying. ojo66 is another fag who kept doing the exact same thing that freakboy is doing right now. ojo66 kept doing it for almost 1 whole year, but seems to have finally stopped now. how long will this fag keep it up? i don't hate all 8 and 10 yr old's and the rest of the sort. but most of the annoying people are the ones below the age of 10 and 11. i know some cool kids here. toxicdevil is 11 and hes fucking cool to hang out with. its fags like freakboy who make it harder on the cool kids of 8-10. thats all i got to say on freakfaggot for now. Freakboy Card

i submitted the test for new years day. enjoy. :3 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

you should visit soulreapermarco unless your a punk ass ho.

This guy is a amazing artist.

Finished madness thingie.

maybe some of you remember my post about the first flash i ever submitted to NG? It was called ultimate battleground i finally got onto my moms computer and retrieved the .avi and .swf of the original movie. of course i left it unfinished because it got blammed twice. but now that i have its original file i can upload it to youtube, spamtheweb, ect. now that im looking back at it its not really that bad for for my first flash submitted to NG. its especially not that bad for being made with MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Lmao. well anyways here is the swf version for spamtheweb,
Ultimate Battleground and here below is the .avi version i uploaded to youtube. vvvvvvvvvvvv

/* */
Well please leave a comment on it, And yes i know it pretty much sucks cock now but i wanted to share it cause no one has gotten to see it before.

Update on madness perspective.

i have gotten so much better since i started it i got so much better that im even thinking of scraping it and starting it over again. looking back at it now its really not that damn good. if i decide to scrap it i will post a full .swf of wut i had so far for all of you to see. that's not the only reason that i might scrap it. back when spaderz that old pimp made from leisurely ragtime sprites i used that in madness perspective scene 2, and since every part of that old pimp is just fucking groups and not symbols theirs no way to just go into the symbol, delete the current pimp shit, and replace it with the winner. so after this contest i might just scrap it and start over. i will decide later.

DECIDED: yes im going to scrap it and start all over. im posting its .swf here. it fuckin sucks dick but whatever. its unfinished with a shitty menu and play button. Unfinished Madness Perspective


After my little breakdown from how bad that madness perspective was, I am finally inspired again. So today i was dosing off in 5th period because i was bored as fuck, and i started imagining some madness fuckers beating the shit out of each other, in a place with great backgrounds and everything, i now want to turn this little daydream i had into a movie that will beat perspective by a mile with, better movements, faster paced murder, nice backgrounds, better blood, and a customized main character. the character wont look that good, but at least its mine. i have huge plans for this movie, and plan to have 10 people massacred within the first 15 second of the movie. a ass load of tips i got from friends of mine will make this literally my best madness movie so far. especially nuttro who hugely critiqued me, on a large scale, monitering every single little detail. this one will be as realistic as i can make it.

Wish me luck.

oh god. Blockhead 11. fucking finnaly.

-------------------------------WHO CAN MAKE ME A PIMP?---------------------------------
--Read all of this before you decide to do it or not.----------------------------


Or if you use flash 9 be sure to save the .fla as a flash 8 .fla by going to File/SaveAs.../ and changing it from cs3 document to flash 8 document.

right now what i need is a nicely drawn pimp, or gangster, in the form of a madness character. make sure to draw multiple views. here is a basic madness pack to get you started. if you customize the hands then you must add the customization to all hands in the basic madness pack. if you don't then the pimp will be useless to me. if you want you can do more hands than just those to. you don't have to use krinkels sprites to draw the pimp but if you do draw the pimp from scratch be sure to include enough hands so i can use him in a lot of different situations. be sure to use symbols and not grouping. i am calling anyone who reads this to please attempt to make me one. the top 10 pimps will posted on my user page in a top 10 list, but the best and number one pimp will become my user icon and be featured in a ass load of flashes that i will make in the future, including madness perspective which will be released for madness day 2009. other prizes include me voting helpful on all of your reviews and me voting 5 on all of your flashes. the best pimp will also be the icon on my youtube channel. 1st prize winner gets all of those prizes that i listed. 2nd to 5th prize winners get me voting helpful on all of their reviews and me voting 5 on all of their flashes. 6th to 10th prize winners will get me voting 5 on all of their flashes. if you wanna enter the contest, tell me with a comment on this post, then get to drawing. the due date for the pimp is February 15th. i might extend it if the person who needs it is halfway done.

if you dont know what a pimp is and all that heirs 3 examples. 1 2 3

when you finish the pimp upload its .fla to spamtheweb or filefront and pm me the link to it. or if none of those work out for you then send it to makethepimp@gmail.com if you send it to the email then notify me so i check it out. good luck and i hope to see some pimps soon. ;) and please. don't just take sprites from other people and say that you made them. i hate it when people do that. once again when you finish please don't hesitate to send me the .fla right after your done. i don't want to know the pimps already done and just be waiting for the .fla. im a impatient person. ;)
after this contest the top ten pimps will have a battle off in a animation i will call battle of the pimps. :D don't ask if you made the top ten list, because there isn't one yet.

come on people help me out here, i really want some good pimps.

damnit don't just quit because LLL's pimp is good. you still have to get in the top ten to get your pimp into the battle of the pimps animation.


ok so today 7-isunlucky pops into my chatroom and right away says, " whose pimp is better, mine or LLL's? and of course im not going to just fucking lie, so i said LLL's was better by a fucking mile. then for no reason the big nosed shitbag says that LLL's pimp is a fucking rip-off and fuck you im leaving, and just leaves the fucking room at that. well 7, fuck you, wait no because i don't want to get your aids. 7, piss off. your just jealous of littleluckylink's flash skills you big nosed fucker. you can go eat a dick and get some herpes while your at it. LLL said you lose all of your friends within about 1 fucking month. heh. how ironic, he was exactly right. a asslod of people here on NG hate you because you are some spamming ass fag who stole LLL's FUC U!1 and raped it till it wasn't even funny anymore. Madness Neurosis 3 was a win and you shouldn't even be hating it either. your a good animator and a good flash artist but your also good at being a dickhead. everyone who said you were a fag is right. and i should have listened to them in the first fucking place. you are banned from my chatroom so don't even bother trying to come back asswipe. so cya never Pinocchio. (big nose fag) ANYONE WHO FUCKING DISAGRESS WITH THIS POST CAN GO SUCK ONE!

wow this contest is starting to have some great turnouts. :D

Contestants: This is not the top ten list
madnessteen (completed) Updated and way improved.
sarnecki (completed)
memea (Completed) Updated.
Littleluckylink (completed) FUCKING WIN!
Nuttro (completed) this is fucking sexy. he drew this with a tablet. =O
malikmo (completed) pretty good.
SUPAHGOKUMAN (completed)
Crazymonkey154 (completed)
toxicdevil93 (completed) nice stuff.
7IsUnlucky (completed but hes disqualified for being an asshole.)

My parents are getting suspicious over what my grades in school are.. they might find out soon.. and i will be grounded again...

These two over obsessed ass fags keep on saying bullshit like, OH NGG WE USED TO BE BESTEST FRINEDS, AND THEN U WENT AND BETRAYED US! U FAG! look you assholes. i barely even know you fuckbags. all i ever knew from you is how you gave my fucking movies tens. neither of you immature fucks were EVER cool enough to get invited to my chatroom, and never got their to talk with me. Last fucking time i checked toxic is my best friend, not some immature 8 year old fucks. What in the fucking hell made you both think that i was YOUR best friend? god you guys are like ojo66, and maybe even fucking worse. Ill bet a fucking girl says hi to you at school and you already think shes your goddamn girlfriend. im probably right huh? What you two need to do, is shut up with talking shit, and stop thinking that people who you don't even barely fucking talk with, are your best friends. God i knew there were fucking idiots on NG, but none as bad as u idiots. I totally see why LLL had that long period of hating vinny99 because hes fucking annoying. All of the people who LLL hated, i know hate. from now on people who LLL hate, even if i don't know them, are being blocked from pming me, or posting on my page, because hes always been right. fuck you fags. shut the fuck up now. And i was never best friends with you idiots. you guys aren't, and WILL NEVER be as cool as toxicdevil is. You only wish you could be. My final response for vinny99.


Btw, unlike vinny99's faggot list, this isn't insulting the people, it is just people i dislike. So this is far away from vinny99's faggot list.


happy new years, madness test, pimp contest, FUCKING FREAKBOY IS  GODDAMN SACK OF SHIT!, and lol my own crew.