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Posted by nggangsterpimp - June 19th, 2010

lmao. Yes i saw it. No matter how old i get, I'll still have the mind of a kid. It was fucking amazing! Epic! Mind blowing! The story was amazing, the animatin was beautifull, the music was of epic praportions (or however you spell it, it was just beautifull. The ending was fuking amazing. I almost cried. lmao. Im such a kid and i always will be. :P

Posted by nggangsterpimp - June 7th, 2010



EDIT 2: Indeed this post is old, but i have nothing to update on so im gonna keep it up.


Posted by nggangsterpimp - June 2nd, 2010

Im almost ungrounded. I'll be back really soon guys. I wanna make some spam movies for fun on my spam account when i come back.

My birtday is in 4 days! o:! June 7th.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - May 15th, 2010

Im here at my friend Aerons house, and I've found out that school home reports came out today. Im not home to get the mail and throw mine in the garbage so my mom doesn't see me failing, so now im done for. Tomorrow, I will be grounded. I'll have littleluckylink submit my collab for me while im gone. I hope you people enjoy it. If he PMs you people who are in it about it, its not me its him. Hes on my account to asubmit it and stuff.

ugh, its my fault, I've had it coming for the entire year.

Goodbye, and I'll see you guys in awhile.

RI Collab is out BTW

Posted by nggangsterpimp - May 9th, 2010

Within this week, i plan to push myself to finally finish my fucking part for my Random Insults Collab so i can submit it, and finally get back to spamming on Kanamomashouse.

Huge kudos to LittleLuckyLink for helping me so much through this collab so far, and now im being an asscrack and being lazy on my part that he needs to finish it. I'll finish it up link, real soon.

EDIT: Seriously link im being such a fucking faggot we might as well just release it without me doing a part holy fuck.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - April 7th, 2010

ive gotten EXTREMELY lazy with the Random Insults Collab, and i might not be able to finish it myself. Ill probably send it to littleluckylink so he can finish it up for me. o: my laziness is terrible.

UPDATE: lol yeah littleluckylink is going to compile the rest of the collab for me and shiz. :D


This is the best One Winged Angel remix i have EVER heard in my life!

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Public apology to my good friend IcyCrewProductions for all of the shit i did and said. Im sorry man, really. Im glad were friends again.

Join Icys forum and have some fun! http://bullshit.forumotion.com/forum.h tm

Since my chatroom is pretty much dead nowadays, im gonna give you people the link and you can come chat with me and my friends when were on. With my new outlook on life that i explained on my 2 previous posts, im not afraid of my enemies coming here starting shit with me, cause im just not gonna get all worked up about it. They can say all they want but i won't go all crazy about it, but that doesn't mean i won't ban hammer them. :D I wouldn't care if ojo66 came and talked either, i actually wonder how hes doing nowadays. Wow i've changed.

Come people, talk, hang out, and shit big bricks of steel. http://xat.com/lmf69l <---- My Chatroom.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - March 4th, 2010

Yeah as my last My life is amazing Post says, my life STILL is amazing to me.

If you haven't read my previous news post i linked above, go do it already or you won't get anything of what im saying here. Things have changed some now. Its a LONG complicated love triangle story that would not only take a day to write here on NewGrounds, but would also be revealing the personal business of all 3 of us and i can't go doing that.

Basically, all 3 of us have been through alot of emotional stress and drama and i gotta say its been hard to handle, but its worth having Anastacia and Melissa as friends. Anastacia being my BEST friend. The bond between me and Anastacia is stronger than EVER.

Now things have changed. Ok i thought melissa and anastacia didnt like eachother anymore, but their friends again now. A stupid mistake i made ALMOST made melissa hate me forever. I still get hugs from both of them everyday, but not double hugs because i meet them separately at certain intervals during the day to and from classes.

Both Anastacia AND Melissa give me such tight hugs filled with love and care that make me feel loved and happy. Without them i really don't look forward to school at all. My relationship with both of them is platonic (a non sexual relationship), and its all i need because it keeps me extremely happy. Man ive become such a emotional nerdy fggt, but i say it proudly. :) (Lmao not literally a faggot.)

Lmao, my record for going without fapping is 18 days.

In other news, Random Insults Collab on hold due to laziness. Sorry.

ALSO: Fuck its so weird how life works. I used to see LittleLuckyLink as some Super Madness Animator God who id never become friends with "becuz hez to cooL!@" and now he says im his best fucking friend. Holy fuck man. Everytime im feeling down he goes all doctor Phil and makes me feel better and stuff. This guy is great, and to anyone who only likes him just because hes a great Madness Animator, stop thinking that way.

FINALLY: Im finally wrapping up the Random Insults Collab. Entry is now CLOSED. The last person to enter was Gabriel Barsch. He asked me in a PM. Get ur part to me within 30 days Gabriel.

ugh lazziiineeees! If my lazinesmakes me not release this collab some ppl will be dissapointed. Its taken long enough already. ahhhh.

Wow holy fuck, my life feels so great right now. Nobody can touch me. Im in fucking heaven. (:

UPDATE: I have alot of days where i feel shitty, and some days where i feel happy and in a good mood. My mood swings alot. mjmj.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - January 30th, 2010

I made this post for 2 reasons. 1: i really felt like doing it. 2: People might wonder why im not acting like im used to. This is why.

From here on im gonna be a real happy person. Today just i realized just how awesome my life is, and its all thanks to a girl named anastacia. She was the first love ive ever had, and it changed me big time. Before i met her i was just trying to fit in with assholes at school putting on a fake act. Well no more. I even used to think love was fake and didn't exist, but she changed my mind big time. When i met her, I went from a guy with not many emotions, to a guy with alot of emotions. Because of this, I suddenly started to think alot about my life, and i thought it sucked because i had worries.

(About anastacia. No me and her aren't girlfriend boyfriend going out or anything, but were best friends. She knows all of my secrets and i know all of hers. She knows i love her and she loves me to but its just a brother sister kind of love. Shes the most trustworthy person i know. If it wasn't for her this realization wouldn't have happened. Im so glad i met her.)

I worried about things like my future and having nowhere to go because i already know im gonna fail high school miserably. I just can't focus on work. its a problem ill never be able to fix. The other thing i worried about was growing up without enough friends. Well, true friends that is. The type of friends who are with you until the end. The kind of friends you can share all your deep dark secrets with without fear of them judging you. After so long i finally have some of these friends, and having them has really changed me. Its made me a more kind and sensitive person, but in turn it caused all these worries i spoke of to kick up.

Today after going to anastacias house, on the car ride home, all the worries finally went away and i realized how awesome my life is. Although i already know im never gonna graduate from high school, i have 4 friends who say that if i had nowhere to go, i could go live with them. (Friends being, anastacia, mellisa, dakota, and icycrew) when i told my mom about my friends telling me this, she said i wouldn't even HAVE to do this because shed let me stay with her forever, which is probably how its gonna end up. Right there and then all of my worries just went and dissolved. disappeared. Right then i actually realized that i already DO have enough true friends as it is, AND on top of this im a sophomore in high school and i still have 2 more years to make even MORE true friends.

UPDATE: Speaking of which i met yet another one. (I thought it would never happen) Another girl as cool and trustworthy as anastacia. Her names mellisa. Shes the cutest girl ever and me her and anastacia meet up before school, twice in the middle of school, and once after school. Hanging out with them is great. Makes me happy. It makes me extremely happy when i get hugs from them both everytime we meet. :3 (Im such a nerd lma) All 3 of us share a deep secret that just makes our bond even tighter.

No matter what anyone says now, i know my life is great in my eyes. Im finally happy. And i will be for a long time. Wow ive never made a post like this before. I already imagine either trolls or just plain assholes coming here mocking me for this post, calling me an emotion faggot and such, but i don't care. I know theres people out there who understand this or can relate.

Ok thats all. For some reason i just had this big temptation to put this out there. Everyone who was blocked from PMing me or Commenting on my userpage is unbanned now because of my new look on life and change of attitude.

If you know won't like this new side of me then you better just stop communicating with me all together because we won't get along anymore.

What even adds more to my happiness is that i was able to make our slow computer extremely fast. Oh yes.

UPDATE: Uploaded a pic of myself here on NG. Im really out of my mind. Its an OK pic but its the best ill probably ever be able to take. I suck at taking pics.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is so awesome. And so is this song from it.

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ON A SIDENOTE: For some reason since ive met melissa and anastacia, ive lost the urge and need to jerk off. As i post this update ive gone 11 days without jerking off. Its so weird, but i think i know why. I think its because now ive seen girls as something more than just sex, ive seen them as opportunities for great friendships that can last a long time. Girls like these are hard to come by. So hard.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - January 13th, 2010


Jesus ive made so many posts about this collab, but this time its for a special reason.

For one, this collab is now more than 13 minutes and 15 seconds. Jesus Christ dude. Second, ive moved the Collab Specifications/Requirements page to http://bullshit.forumotion.com/flash-f 7/random-insults-collaberation-t81.htm #690. This is my friend IcyCrewProductions new forum. Its awesome. Join up. hang out, do random stuff, review games ect. The more people there are the more fun we can have.

That post tells you everything you need to know for the collab and is alot better said and organized than the NewGrounds post i made for this collab. Check it out. If you wanna join, either post it in that forum, or just ask here. You will be allowed in right away.

My little story. The Day I Met Martin Luther King JR.

This whole 13 fucking minutes and 15 seconds is compressed into only 5.3 fucking megabytes, AND the sound quality is still great! Goddamn im a compression master.

Random Insults Collab 13 minutes and 15 seconds.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - January 9th, 2010

Thats how long my Random Insults Collab is.

SEVEN MINUTES AND FIFTY FKN SECONDS! :D Now its even longer cause i just got another part. :3

This collab is actually becoming awesome so far. I never even thought it would get as massive as it is.

12 people have turned in their parts so far and i have 3 of them on the way.

Ive gotten parts from:

LittleLuckyLink: 1 part, 1 toon with another toon on the way
AndrewGlisson13: 2 parts :3
dragonslya: 1 part
DX53231: 1 part
Flared24: 1 part
IcyCrewProductions: 2 toons :D
Sarnecki: 1 part
ToxicDevil93: 1 part
Tri-Circle: 1 toon, 1 part
ttaisawesome: 1 part
Crazymnonkey154: 1 part, 1 toon
soulreapermarco: 1 part

Parts on the way:

NewGroundsDummie: 1 part (i hope he makes 2)
hiii111: 1 part
leoandrekuta: 1 part

Theres still alot of time for more people to join. As long as people are still joining i don't have an exact release date. I want this collab as long as possible. Im letting anyone join.

If you do join, make a part thats 1 minute to 2 minutes long, or 20 to 30 seconds long, and also a little 2 to 5 second toon to go in between collab parts.

Well hope i get more people to join, just made this post to show progress and get more collaboraters.

If you don't know what random insults is, then watch my random insults 2 movie. :)

One of my most trusted friends, icycrew, made a pretty cool forum. Come join in. http://bullshit.forumotion.com/index.h tm

/* */