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A simple update

2017-02-17 23:10:13 by nggangsterpimp

I am still alive, living pretty well, and my mind has never been more clear in my life. I feel very good lately.


2016-07-23 13:33:46 by nggangsterpimp

blankety blank

Got my dream girl, a car, solved my stomach issues, going for a new job involving forklifts soon, and am overall very happy. Life is good. I still check in here more often than I expect myself to. I want to submit movies again someday.

Life is good.

2016-02-06 13:17:35 by nggangsterpimp

fuc bishes git monay

Madness Day 2015

2015-09-24 04:52:27 by nggangsterpimp

This post is late, but I was here for MD 2015, just not as much as I would have liked. The few movies I've seen so far aren't bad. I try to drop a review for every one of them, I'll be getting to all of you eventually.


I'm glad to see the Madness scene is still here. That was like what brought me to this site in the first place mainly. First time I ever came to this site was coincidentally Madness Day and it was the main reason I came here was looking for (those old movies with cool murder  I havent seen in awhile).


Again, Happy Madness day to you all. I hope you all enjoyed  creating your movies and games I'll be getting to them all.

bootie bootie bootie butt

2015-04-03 23:56:52 by nggangsterpimp

was gonna make a new post, but messed up. I lost what I was typing. This is just a hey I'm still alive post.


SUMMARY: I got a sexy new laptop, newgrounds is gay now ("haha then y u postign here fagt@!"), and check my old spam account but ONLY if you have a very open sense of humor. It was all for fun and games. fr fr.




Madness day 2014

2014-09-23 02:07:39 by nggangsterpimp

People like to say it's gone to shit, and that it's overrated, but I say that seeing everyone's crations year by year, what they come up with, and how they've improved from prtevious years, is always a great thing to check out. I still enjoy it. Starting from the worst, and working upnto the best, I'll watch every one of em in the collection just to see what everyone made.


Happy Madness day 2014 everyone, even though this post isa bit late lmao.


Got time to kill? Join bullshit forums!! A place to talk about anything and everything.


check for a interesting look into some of my newgrounds secrets.

My old alternate accounts

2014-03-27 17:54:57 by nggangsterpimp

Here's a list of my old favorites. I miss running around newgrounds with these. Since I'm pretty much done with newgrounds now, it's time to let it out.


My crowning achivment was of course no other than, kanamomashouse.  My favorite and most fun spam account of all.


Then for harsh or sarcastically funny reviews, I did extract69.


To fuck with the madness fans I hugely enjoyed doing this one.


Then I also had the 50000 votir1-45 or so accounts I made for mass votng, reviews, talking shit to people who blocked me, ect


For fun I remmeber this one as well.


lmfao, and nobody might remmeber this anymore, but at one point I had made the account ZEG. I made it twice, had everyone so pissed off, but wade got mad as fuck and banned the username ZEG from creation anymore. I think lots of admins were pissed, all in their pants about it. lmfao. That was so much fun I can't even believe how much response it got.


HTTP:// was also good times. I had a total of like 20 or so UMD flashes total. Maybe even 25. I'm sure some people remember them. was great for those army commando brawl flashes on it. So gold.


That's a brief summary. Take a look, and maybe get some enjoyment of my old times just like I did. 

Back in my old days of my 20+ alt accounts

2014-03-27 15:14:41 by nggangsterpimp

I used to be everywhere on newgrounds running and playing with 10+ alt accounts having a blast. I miss those days.