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nggangsterpimp's News

Posted by nggangsterpimp - December 24th, 2018

Part 2 is on the way!


Kanasmomashouse is NOT defeated..









Posted by nggangsterpimp - March 31st, 2018

I finally finished my 2018 special animation. It is cenetered around the https://kanamomashouse.newgrounds.com/ universe I created back in 2007-2009. Check it out!! 




Youtube version  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyBnMvoW3K4&feature=youtu.be


Posted by nggangsterpimp - March 26th, 2018

Well everyone, I'm about 12,000 frames in on my new 2018 project. I'd love to make it even longer but I need to wrap it up before I hit the 16,000 frame limit!! I'm very tempted to do a direct sequel because this has been the most fun I have had with animation in a long time. It's not fancy but I focused a lot of the ambience, sound effects, and giving it its own charm. It's sort of a crazy violent adventure.. Like the old adult swim aqua teen hunger force type days. I will be submitting it soon enough.


I hope people understand the strange humor and charm that it has. I chose to include a lot of old character cameos from my https://kanamomashouse.newgrounds.com/  spam account from back in the day. Any old fans still out there, if any, will absolutely love it.


This probably wont be the last you hear from me either... I missed this site, and animation. Stay tuned!!! 



Posted by nggangsterpimp - January 29th, 2018

The previously mentioned project is well underway. It is going well. https://kanamomashouse.newgrounds.com/news/post/1006363#comments


Who is that big tit ass motherfucker??? 



also.. How many of you remember this old show!?!? I remember seeing it yeaaaars ago as a child but never after. How unfourtunate it ended up canceled before it could reach its true glory. It's way too underrated.



Posted by nggangsterpimp - January 11th, 2018

Life gets real busy once you're busy adulting. It's been lots of work for me. My social life is dead, so I'm making a little return to Newgrounds. I'd love for anyone seeing this to check my good ol' "spam" account Kanamomashouse out. I'm creating a nice project I wanted to do for years now, but with Kanamomashouse elements. I miss those days..






Oh and also



Posted by nggangsterpimp - February 17th, 2017

I am still alive, living pretty well, and my mind has never been more clear in my life. I feel very good lately.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - July 23rd, 2016

blankety blank

Posted by nggangsterpimp - April 19th, 2016

Got my dream girl, a car, solved my stomach issues, going for a new job involving forklifts soon, and am overall very happy. Life is good. I still check in here more often than I expect myself to. I want to submit movies again someday.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - February 6th, 2016

fuc bishes git monay

Posted by nggangsterpimp - September 24th, 2015

This post is late, but I was here for MD 2015, just not as much as I would have liked. The few movies I've seen so far aren't bad. I try to drop a review for every one of them, I'll be getting to all of you eventually.


I'm glad to see the Madness scene is still here. That was like what brought me to this site in the first place mainly. First time I ever came to this site was coincidentally Madness Day and it was the main reason I came here was looking for (those old movies with cool murder  I havent seen in awhile).


Again, Happy Madness day to you all. I hope you all enjoyed  creating your movies and games I'll be getting to them all.