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Entry #141

A simple update

2017-02-17 23:10:13 by nggangsterpimp

I am still alive, living pretty well, and my mind has never been more clear in my life. I feel very good lately.


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2017-04-02 17:20:37


nggangsterpimp responds:

Yes my friend.


2017-07-12 11:26:15

Good shit. Just been enjoying whatever slice of life I have over here as well.

Been watching those old flashes again - can't believe it's almost been a decade since you've graced us with the deity that is the black sumo, and other epic things.

Stay cool.

nggangsterpimp responds:

Those were fun times. I definitely wish to go back and re-live those times. I'm glad you're still around and remember them fondly as I do. Stay gold man.


2017-07-13 02:23:09

For sure - I always wanted to make more of those flashes. It's sad that we've started our crusade towards the end of Flash's life cycle.

But hey, if you have an outside form of contact- social media like Facebook, or an application like Skype- I'd be willing to add you on it if I've got it. Shoot me a PM with links if you're interested amigo!

nggangsterpimp responds:

I'll PM you.