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nggangsterpimp's News

Posted by nggangsterpimp - February 12th, 2012

Would make flash movies, but I'm too damn lazy (Yes, I'm one of THOSE people.) I'll just go on the Forums and listen to music.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - February 7th, 2012

Not only does this redesign look fucking sweet, but it actually also seems to run more smoothly on computers. Oh fuck yes. (:

Posted by nggangsterpimp - December 13th, 2011

Yeeeeaaaahhh. So, how are you people nowadays? I'm busy being lazy as usual. But hey, that's nothing new, huh?

Posted by nggangsterpimp - November 1st, 2011


My friend has this pretty cool forum with members such as LittleLuckyLink and Alpha-Nuva. It's a interesting place and pretty active. The users except for a couple of them are also pretty accepting and not mean. I try to keep the more asshole members at bay. :P So check it out! (: http://bullshit.forumotion.com/ You won't regret it. Also, you need to tell me what your username is so a admin can activate your account before you use it.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - September 22nd, 2011

A happy Madness Day to everyonee. (:

Posted by nggangsterpimp - September 7th, 2011

Madness Tyrant Takedown isn't going too bad. (: I've finished two scenes so far with a total of 1353 frames so far, and soon to be even more. (: As many people have said who have seen it so far, I keep getting better as I go along, which is a very good thing. Right now i'm in the midst of deciding whether to incorporate scenes into the .fla to make it easier for me to test export scenes and to manage each scene, because right now I have the whole movie so far on just one timeline. What do you guys think? (: I'll also probably spend a long time deciding what kind of ending to have while I'm still creating the movie, because that's a pretty hard choice to make.

So yeah, there's the low down so far. (: Here's the old SWF
Preview for Madness Tyrant Takedown. It includes the main menu with storyline and character info, and it also includes the first scene, which is nothing now compared to the second scene haha. (: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a8 ce2ab7fd509aae0040c0e0e56653df

Decisions decisionss.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - August 18th, 2011

Summer's coming to an end, and that saddens me. ): I'll only be hanging with friends on the weekends now instead of 4 days every week, but oh well, I can still have fun. School starts for me in like 14 days.

As my hopefully final year of school comes in, I'll have much less time to animate if the damn school work gets completely piled on me, so I'm not sure what's going to happen.

Madness: Tyrant Takedown is at 1045 frames so far. I've almost finished scene 2. Here's the preview of scene 1 that has the storyline and character info in the main menu. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a8 ce2ab7fd509aae0040c0e0e56653df That's the whole basis of the movie right there.

Here's a screenshot of the near end of Scene 2. That is the final kill. 10 kills so farr. (:

Wish me a lot of luck, because I'm gonna be stressed as hell with school in like 14 days or so, and I won't be able to handle it well at all.

EDIT: So, I have my own laptop now. (:

Madness: Tyrant Takedown 1045 Frames.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - August 4th, 2011

Madness Tyrant Takedown is actually going pretty good. (: I'm at 1015 frames, which IS a lot for me considering I thought I would've quit on this already. Here's the .SWF preview with a update. The characters menus are now completed and I added more sounds to the first scene, and some other modifications including re doing or adding text to the character descriptions, and a little change up of the storyline. Check it out please. (: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a8 ce2ab7fd509aae0040c0e0e56653df

I really do plan on finishing this. It will be super long with a lot of special events and character appearances in it. (:

EDIT: I'm so happy to be getting positive responses for even the FIRST scene. (: The second scene is so much better. Maybe this movie will actually be positively accepted when it's done. (:

Come chat with my friends and I here sometimee. (: http://xat.com/lmf69l I myself am not always on because I hang with friends a lot during summer, but I'll still be on sometimes. (:

Here's a screenshot of scene 2. (: Bash just did a flip to dodge the enemies gunshot and the enemy accidentally shot his friend.

Madness: Tyrant Takedown progress. (:

Posted by nggangsterpimp - July 20th, 2011

STATUS UPDATES: 588 frames and growing strong. (:

I know madness movies are over done, and I don't care. I know mine won't be anything near as good as the pros, but after years of saying I was going to make one in the past then never doing it, it's about time I made one, and this time I'm not quitting. (:

It will be called Madness: Tyrant Takedown. (: The storyline is simple. "When the country of "Fuckmyassimania" is being ruled by a horrible tyrant, one man named Bash, along with an unknown blue ally, charge in to take out all of the Tyrants guards, and rule the country fairly. The mission begins here.." copy and pasted from the movie so far. (:

Combined with the artistic skills of ToastedToastyToast, I will finally be creating a madness movie. I even got a 4 gigbyte Flash Drive to take Flash 8 Portable and my .Fla files on the go to other computers, so If I'm bored at my friends house on the weekends I can work on it haha. (:

This will be exciting to finally work on and finish something to be proud of. Hopefully you people won't find it terrible, at least find it okay or something. :P

This is the first scene, which is pretty short, but the others will be longer and much better, because I will get better as I go along. I haven't finished the Pimps info screen yet lol. (: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a8 ce2ab7fd509aae0040c0e0e56653df Wish me luck.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers the old Madness Pimp Contest thing I hosted, but I'm going to add those pimps from it into this movie. (: Madness Pimp Contest Final Results News Post.

Come to this chatroom to chat with my friends and I. (: http://xat.com/lmf69l?p=1 We're not always on, but we're on. I'm not on on weekends because I'm busy hanging with friends, but I'm on most other days. (:

This is a picture of the antagonists character info screen with the Tyrant on it who was drawn by ToastedToastyToast. (:

Madness Movie Official Announce, Madness: Tyrant Takedown. (:

Posted by nggangsterpimp - July 6th, 2011

To any of my old enemies out there, say whatever you want about me, but guess what, it's the internet, it doesn't phase me. I'm never going to meet you face to face, so how's it going to affect me? It won't. and at least say it to me where I can respond and not behind my back, but even if you do, like I said, it's not going to phase me anyway, and that's just the way I see it now.

Woohoo for a good summerr! (:


Heres a glimpse of something that l actually might turn into a full animation. (: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a8 ce2ab7fd509aae0040c0e0e56653df

Come to this chatroom to chat with my friends and I/ (: http://xat.com/lmf69l?p=1 We're not always on, but we're on. I'm not on on weekends because I'm busy hanging with friends, but I'm on most other days. (: