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My Madness Day 2009 and shit.

Posted by nggangsterpimp - September 17th, 2009

Well, since im way to lazy to make a movie that needs very serious storyline and animation focus, Im going to reveal my spam account and submit the Madness flash that i was going to submit on it, on this account instead.

The movie is Madness Zombie Menace 69 2, (MZM 69 2) The preview can already be seen right here.

Yes the spam alt account of mine is kanamomashouse. There have been multiple times where Ive either accidentally, (which is happening alot lately) or purposely giving out lots of evidence of me being him, yet nobody called me out on it. Now don't misjudge, the spam movies are just for laughter. making people angry at how bad they are, for laughing at how bad they are, and laughing at reveiws that say its horrible. Its all for the lols.

Now with it being a more spamish movie, i expected more hate reviews as per usual, but to my fucking amazement it got alot of positive reveiws instead, with most of them commenting on how fun ny it actually is.Maybe NwGrounds actually has a better sense of humor than i thought because before barely any spamish movie of mine would ever keep a average review score of above 9.0 It really makes me feel good about my work on it.

Yeah its a spamish movie, but ive actually spent alot of time on it. Theres lots of layers on it now and i want at LEAST 50 kills or so by Madness Day 2009. Now i guarantee you this movie WILL be submitted unless schools gets at me before then, which then the guarantee is void. Then again i could have toxic submit it for me if that happens..

So anyway, i hope you see the sense of humor in it and such, and if you don't then oh well thats you.

Don't forget about my Random Insults Collab. The new due date is OCTOBER 16th.

EDIT: MZM 69 2 has now been finished. I will submit it on madness day.

My Madness Day 2009 and shit.


wait?! so your kanamomashouse?

Heh. Yes. All just for the laughs.

Lol, I was wondering who that was.


I have a few trolling alts myself in fact.

Hey thats nice to know. Maybe if you have MSN we can exchange talk about our troll accounts.

Don't have MSN, the PM system has always worked well enough for me.


lol i already knew that... i think

Maybe i told you before? Or maybe you just knew by his attitude.

well thats random

Yes but true.

Wasn't expecting that

Didn't think so.

I can't believe no one figured it out by themselves.
Your name is in the background on that one XD
Are you going to make a new spam account?

Lmao. Well i probably won't be making a new one. MAYBE REALLY FAAR into the future i will. But for now i just love my kanamomashouse alt. But i understand why id need a new one now with people knowing the true identity of my alt.


F U!!!


was kanamomashouse your first ever alt? something tells me it is. anyway, we await mzm69 2.....

Yes. The first alt account that i EVER made. Very correct.

People are still going to be wondering who kanamomashouse is.


Once again, Toxicdevil93 is correct.

He is awesome.

HI!!!!!!!!!! im new here lol


lol a fat guy pummeling the shit outta zombies hilarious! :3


Lmao. Thanks.


Im up to 32 kills now. Ill do the rest tomorrow.


haha, now all jokes aside, the preview was VERY well animated, and the sound effects were cued so perfectly!
You did great, and using someone besides the madness world as "Hank" was a funny idea, making him a fat sumo black man makes it even funnier! lmao

You did great man, still have the screenshot of the "here's the runner ups, poor guys!" with your flash in the list! :D

Lmao. Yeah man thank you.

Oh! so thats why you didn't want me to say bad stuff about him!

Also, this is memea, Mhermeiser(fag) hacked my real account with gay porn.


Also yes that is why i didn't want you insulting him Lmao.

what happened to his KFC badge

well hey you just asked a very important question that relates to the storyline im putting in. Infact i will tell you all about it right now. Very nice insight.

One day sumo nigger was slaving away on a nice beautiful plantation, When suddenly, zombies came out of nowhere, and STOLE his kfc badge! D:! Sadly the zombies got away, and he failed to get his pin back. He was very very pissed, and he swore that he would get revenge.. and his badge..

A couple days later he was slaving again when he hear a zombie in the cotton bushes, he captured and interrogated it for info on his KFC badge. The zombie spilled the beans, and sumo nigger had as location for his KFC Badge. and that is where MZM 69 1 starts. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/

Thats all of the storyline that i will reveal for now. More to come in MZM 69 2.

Also im up to 40 kills.*

i just wanna say i am sorry for what i have done i guess i also want to ask u a question r u still gonna make that madness movie/?

I forgot what you did lol. And my madness movie is MZM 69 2.

wow, so you actually have a useful account?... good job... i think...

You left a comment like this on kanamomashouse to. Im confused.